My Thoughts On “Teacher We Wish To See A Sign”

On Monday this week I happened to read a catholic publication, it is a daily devotional. I would like to share my thoughts on the write-up / reflections in the devotional for monday. You can find images of the article below Basically the "Meditation Of The Day" was based on the gospel reading for monday, … Continue reading My Thoughts On “Teacher We Wish To See A Sign”

Christian Professor Vs Atheist Student

A Christian Professor of Philosophy was speaking to his Class about how existence of God is quite evident and the fool says in his heart that there is no God. He asked one of his New Student to stand…. Professor : Do you Believe in God ? Student : No, sir. Professor : So, you are an Atheist ? Student : Absolutely, sir. … Continue reading Christian Professor Vs Atheist Student

Christianity Monotheism or Re-Branded Polytheism Part 1

Ok, towards the end of my life as a christian, i developed a profound interest for greek mythology, reading the works of Homer, Hesoid, Ovid etc and stories based on it, movies books, fanfictions you name it. That was my first real exposure to polytheism atleast outside from what priest, catechism teachers, sunday school teachers, parents etc had said on the matter. I was born and raised a catholic so seeing the greek beliefs ( I just feel like its inappropriate to call it a religion ) being labelled as polytheist and my own christian beliefs/religion being called monotheist, I didn't really see as much difference